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One Bedroom Granny Flat

Compact, self-contained and an easy addition to make to any home, our range of 1 bedroom granny flat designs offer you and your loved ones all the necessary domestic comforts at a fraction of the cost. When you buy a one bedroom granny flat from Elpor, you’re making a smart investment in the value, utility and comfort of your property.

An Elpor one bedroom granny flat is totally portable – if you think you might move at some time in the future, don’t hesitate about enjoying the benefits of a granny flat now! Each unit is custom made to your requirements and preferences – so why leave it behind when you move? As easy as calling up a certified tradesman to shift the separated components, bring your Elpor 1 bedroom granny flat wherever you go.

1 Bedroom Granny Flat Designs

Our one bedroom granny flat designs are made with the occupant in mind – customisable to suit special disability or access requirements. Using ColourBond for most of the external panelling, you can also take comfort in the long-lasting colour and style an Elpor unit can give.

The structures themselves use a range of cutting-edge construction technologies to provide practicality and functionality. Built with interlocking sandwich panels, our 1 bedroom granny flat designs are energy efficient and offer quality insulation throughout the year. This makes them great value for money – ahead of the curve when it comes to self-contained unit construction, they’ll stay a valuable addition to any property’s value for years to come.

So, if you,re interested in a one bedroom granny flat, call Elpor today to discuss your options.

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