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2 and 3 Bedroom Granny Flat

At Elpor, our 2 and 3 bedroom granny flat designs offer home and property owners a fantastically affordable way to provide additional living space to their household. Built using the latest technology, including interlocking sandwich panels for maximum insulation and energy efficiency throughout the year.

When you buy a three or two bedroom granny flat from Elpor, you,re investing in your property,s market value. They,re fully functional, self-contained units that – while affordable – can offer fantastic returns on investment if you choose to sell. With the outer structures built using long-lasting and sleek ColourBond, your 2 or 3 bedroom granny flat will stay looking newer for longer.

But why sell your granny flat if and when you sell your property? Our 3 or 2 bedroom granny flat designs are customised to suit you and your loved ones’ precise needs. This means they can be modified for special access needs, with disabled toilets and low-incline ramps.

2 & 3 Bedroom Granny Flat Floor Plans Designs

With such an especially tailor-made design, wouldn’t you want to take your unit with you wherever you may move? Luckily, your 3 or 2 bedroom granny flat is easily relocatable. As easy as calling on a handyperson to dismantle and reassemble the structure, your little slice of home can be anywhere you want.

Your 3 or 2 bedroom granny flat floor plans are designed to suit your lifestyle. Elpor is an Australian-made and owned business, and with a local team offering face-to-face insight and advice, we offer a personal touch to everything we do. We’ve been in business since 1985, and have built over 1000 units in that time. We’ve perfected the craft of 2 and 3 bedroom granny flat construction, and all of our units are built with functionality at the forefront of our minds.

If you’re interested in discussing our range more, or wish to organise a face-to-face or on-site meeting with an Elpor team member, call now!

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